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What is Credentialing and Why Is It Important?

Reading Time: 3 minutes What is Credentialing? Credentialing is the process by which a practitioner’s license, education, training, experience, and other qualifications are verified in order for them to provide care or services in or for a health care organization.  This process’ role is…

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Denied Medical Claims vs. Rejected Medical Claims

Reading Time: 3 minutes Most of us are used to being billed for a variety of services rendered, such as for plumbing fixes. You receive a bill outlining the work done and you pay it. Simple. However, medical billing isn’t as easy as that….

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medical coding

The Issue of Overcoding and Undercoding

Reading Time: 3 minutes Medical coding is necessary for physicians to get reimbursed for services rendered. To get paid their contracted rate by insurance companies, physicians have to code procedures accurately to reflect the services rendered.  But the job of coding medical claims is…

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Medical Auhorizations

The Difference Between Medical Authorizations and Referrals

Reading Time: 3 minutes Managed care brought about so much more administrative work to the healthcare industry than there had ever been before. To make it even more complicated each insurance company has a different set of rules and guidelines that must be followed….

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Man preparing a medical claim

Six Common Reasons Medical Claims Are Denied

Reading Time: 4 minutes Medical claims denials will happen. But how many denials are you getting per month? More than 10%? More than 20%? Not sure?  A recent Healthcare Information and Management Systems Society (HIMSS) survey shows that 3 out of 4 (76%) of…

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RCm Outsourcing

RCM Outsourcing: How Outsourcing RCM Could Vastly Improve Your Business

Reading Time: 4 minutes Do you have insight into your practice’s financial health? Do you know how much of your accounts receivable is older than 60, 90, or even 120 days? MGMA recommends that less than 14% of your A/R should be 90+ days…

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patient payment collection

How To Improve Patient Collections Easily

Reading Time: 4 minutes Are you struggling with outstanding account receivables? Did you know that research shows practices only collect about 12% of outstanding balances at the time of service and collect nothing approximately 67% of the time? Also, it has been shown that…

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in house medical billing service

Difference Between Medical Billing and Revenue Cycle Management

Reading Time: 4 minutes In-house Medical Billing Initially, physician’s offices had a person in-house that handled everything having to do with billing for the practice. This person added to the overhead of the office – about 10 – 12% and handled everything from A-Z…

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Telemedicine provisions during the COVID-19 pandemic

Reading Time: < 1 minute As we progress in the use of telemedicine to assist patients in minimizing the risk of contagion, one key concern has already been addressed, several states have loosened up most licensing requirements to facilitate emergency medical care beyond state lines….

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The COVID-19 pandemic continues

Reading Time: < 1 minute The COVID-19 pandemic continues to impact many communities across the United States. The common goal is to slow the spread of disease, and one-way medical offices have been helping is by canceling non-urgent elective procedures and using telemedicine instead of…

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