Pain Areas


Pain Areas

1. I have a large AR and my biller is unable to meet the demand

2. My in house biller only works part time/or remote

3. In house biller goes on vacation

4. Inability to scale due to lack of resources

5. Insurance contracts are too low. No time to renegotiate

6. Software limitations & User usability concerns

7. Lack of clinical and billing integration

8. Workflow issues in the office

9. Low revenue due to timely filing

10. Submission lag from DOS to Claim date

11. Doctor doing a lot of administrative work, not focusing on patients

12. Practice has no insight into financials, collections or loss due to bad debt, each year

13. Front desk doesn’t verify benefits, leading to very low upfront collections

14. Practice has no insight into what can be done to improve the livelihood of the practice

15. Billers are not coding certified

16. Billers not up to date on industry changes

17. Huge denial buckets

18. Feasibility studies are not done prior to new procedure go live

19. Certifications/knowledgebase isn’t quite there due to cost constraints



Sounds familiar?

We have utilized our expertise and tools to arrive at solutions for these pain areas. Our promise is to provide a solution and not sell a service. This is why our RCM solution is tailored based on your practice needs and expectations are always delivered.