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Is your team spending too much time managing incoming faxes? Let Billed Right help!
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Is Your Staff Drowning in Incoming Faxes?

Does your staff end up spending all their time on the administrative task of managing faxes and not their main duties? Is patient care suffering because of it?

All day long, your office receives faxes through your Practice Management System (PMS) that need to be assigned to the corresponding patient’s chart – Billed Right can help!

With our documentation management service, we check for faxes daily and attach them to the appropriate patient’s chart within your PMS accurately and in a timely manner.

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The goal of documentation management is to ensure the turnaround time in assigning incoming faxes to patients' charts is as minimal as possible and the description of each document is clear to admin, clinical, and billing staff. This helps clinical staff and providers focus more of their attention on patient care.

If you need help with your documentation management contact Billed Right today!


Getting Help

What you can expect:

  • Checking of faxes daily within the fax module of the PMS
  • Routing of documents to the appropriate staff for review
  • Assigning a status based on urgency
  • Completing of daily faxes within 12-24 hours of received date
  • Daily report on received vs. completed.
  • Coordination with local staff

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