Cardiology Medical Billing

Cardiology billing doesn't have to cause a heartache!
Cardiology Medical Billing


Cardiology medical billing practices are known to face many challenges not typically encountered by other specialties. This is due to its fast pace environment and complexity of services rendered to patients. With its unique specialties such as General Cardiology, Interventional Cardiology, Cardio-Thoracic Surgery, Electrophysiologist, Nuclear Cardiology and Transplant Cardiology, it is hard to keep up with the evolving guideline changes. Cardiology coding requires specialized skills with terminology and billing guidelines, which change constantly, making it impossible for in-house billers or a small team of billers to stay up to date. The cost involved in training can pose many issues for practices and staff turnover can be problematic if work is disrupted.

Many practices accept the paid claims and leave a large amount of denied claims, unworked. In Cardiology medical billing, under-coding, over-coding, and incorrect usage of modifiers when coding multiple procedures may cause denials of high-value claims. Appealing a denial requires billing and coding expertise that your staff may simply not have time for, as they focus on other tasks in your office.

Billed Right has AAPC-certified cardiology coders (CCC™) on staff, who have extensive experience serving cardiology practices for over a decade. The complexity of Cardiology billing poses no issues for a large team trained to handle any software and meet high demand consistently and efficiently. We are also fully compliant with HIPAA regulations and stay up to date with changes in Medicare guidelines and the constantly updated ICD and CPT code lists. We offer you monthly and quarterly education on areas that need improvement in your documentation and coding. We help you stay in control of your documentation but understanding how to capture all the details in your encounter.

How We Can Help

Cardiology billing has many 'pain areas' that we have created solutions for, just to name a few:
  • Multiple Procedure Reductions

  • Delay in claim submission

  • Inability to construct proper documentation for procedures and E&M visits

  • Not understanding the complex contractual adjustments

  • Inability to send effective appeals

  • Losing money to denied claims for missing key components

  • Inaccurate coding leading to non-compliance

  • Too many billing and coding changes and hard to stay up to date

  • Performing procedures that are not cost-effective, with no return on the upfront cost

If these problems have surfaced in your practice, contact us today to find how we can help!

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Our Advantage

  • Increase in collections up to 97%
  • Reduction in days in AR to < 30 days
  • Error Ratio < 1%
  • Appeal success rate
  • Coding compliance
  • Reduce 'No Response' claims to <5%


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