Medical Billing Charge Posting

Why Choose Billed Right as your Charge Posting Medical Billing Services Partner?

Medical Billing Charge Posting

What is charge posting or charge entry? It is the process of assigning an appropriate fee based on the fee schedule, per the chosen medical codes  during the patient’s visit. The provider’s reimbursement for services rendered is dependent on the charges entered. It starts with the super bill or charge ticket, goes through coding and then goes to the charge entry person who ensures that all information is entered correctly to build the claim. The charge entry must be completed error-free, as it can increase claim denials if not entered and scrubbed correctly, and has to be done promptly so as not to miss the payer-established deadlines for filing claims.

As charge posting is the first step in a clean medical billing claim process, information such as demographics, date of service, place of service, provider details, physician, procedure and diagnostic codes need to all be added and correct. Not only is this work tedious but time-consuming as well.  Any error can lead to rejection or denial of the claim by the payer, delaying payment and causing a slowdown in the cash flow of the practice. Thus it is important for the team handling charge posting to be exceptionally detail-oriented to ensure that all the information provided in the charge entry is correct. Do you have a backlog of super bills and charges? Not enough resources to help? Partnering with Billed Right for your Charge Entry Services in Florida in revenue cycle management can remove the stress of charge entry, ensuring your medical billing claims go out clean and are paid promptly. Lessening denials and increasing revenue.

Medical Billing Charge Posting

How do we do it?

  • We collect patient demographics from demographic sheets and enter them into your system.
  • We provide timely charge entry and submission of error-free claims for office, hospital, and procedures encounters.
  • The reconciliation of charges is done by cross verifying with check-in/out list and Superbills for scheduled patients to ensure 100% capturing of charges.


We do all this within your patient management system so there is full transparency into your medical billing.  Also partnering with us gives you the benefit of AAPC certified coders who review claims, look for issues with coding or modifiers and provide feedback and education to your medical staff,Helping to ensure that medical billing claims go through the first time.

Contact Billed Right today to learn more about how we can help with charge posting and your revenue cycle management!

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