Medical Coding

Let our AAPC certified coders help ensure your claims are coded correctly cutting down denials due to errors.

Medical Coding – How it Works

Three organizations maintain the three principal medical code sets – WHO (World Health Organization) for ICD, The AMA (America Medical Association) for CPT, and the CMS (The Centers of Medicare & Medicaid Services) for HCPCS. These codes are utilized by doctor’s offices to turn the doctor’s diagnosis, prescription, and/or whatever procedures were performed into a uniform “language” conveying this information to the insurance company when filing a claim.  These lists are updated yearly with new codes and some codes may be deleted.  It is the responsibility of the provider to ensure every code added matches the documentation and what the patient is experiencing in terms of symptoms.

There was a time when a provider could have one person in their office who could handle medical coding. Those days are gone. Since the introduction of managed care, coding has gotten incredibly complex with thousands of codes that change constantly.   How do you and your staff keep up and maintain a high level of patient care?

Medical Billing Services



If you are tired of worrying about medical coding, let Billed Right help! Contact us today
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Getting Help

With Medical Coding

At Billed Right, our AAPC Certified Coders are here to help! Having a second set of eyes on your claims before they get submitted can help these claims get through the first time instead of getting denied due to coding errors.  What we do:

  • Review visit notes once locked to ensure procedure and ICD codes are accurate and reflect what was documented 
  • Notes are also scanned for any modifiers needed 
  • Claims are quality checked for completeness and accuracy 
  • Continued education on coding and compliance  
  • Get you paid faster when claims are submitted clean the first time 

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Medical Coding