Claim Submission

Why Choose Billed Right as your Claim Submission Medical Billing Services Partner?

Claim Submission

Receiving timely collections is the ultimate result of a healthy revenue cycle and maybe the most difficult part of your practice’s billing operation. Having your medical billing claims scrubbed, reviewed, and processed in a timely manner results in a shorter claim cycle and therefore, timely reimbursement of your claims. To ensure you have clean claims, there are several things that you need to do:

  • Patient Information – make sure all of your demographic information - name, address, and insurance policy data are completed and correct
  • Eligibility – verify copays, deductible, and patient insurance policy effective dates before the patient’s appointment
  • Authorizations – make sure that you have received any prior authorizations necessary before a patient is seen
  • Medical Coding – ensure that you have applied the correct CPT/IDC code and modifiers
  • Medical Documentation – ensure that the documentation for services is clear and concise and supports applied medical codes and modifiers
Claim Submission Medical Billing in Florida
Clean medical

Claim submission

is the key to good cash flow, but it is complex and time-consuming. Outsourcing your revenue cycle management, which includes claim submission, to a company like Billed Right offers Medical Claims Processing in Florida can increase your clean claim rate, reduce your overhead, ultimately saving you money and maximizing revenue.

At Billed Right, we cover your billing cycle from eligibility to account receivables and everything in between, including submitting claims to the clearinghouse and any follow-up on rejections. This takes the burden off you and your staff, allowing you to focus your attention on delivering high-quality patient care.

Contact Billed Right today to see how we can help you with your revenue cycle management!

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