Rapid expansion of COVID-19

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The rapid expansion of COVID-19 increases the demand for medical personnel. The levels of occupational stress may lead to mental and physical exhaustion, absenteeism, staff discontentment, anxiety, and patients will feel the heat. For doctors, burnout is one of the biggest contributors to misdiagnosis and treatment errors. What can you do?

Here we share some tips:

Experts in the field agree that some effective ways of reducing or eliminating occupational stress are:

• Understanding and fostering open communication. Open discussions about decisions affecting your staff or business continuity must be clear and timely.

• Reviewing your office processes and protocols. What worked on regular times, may need to be reviewed now. Adapting to the times and need is vital to ensure to reduce unnecessary work and provide the needed safety to perform the role.

• Making sure that added responsibilities fall within the staff’s capabilities and available resources. This is a moment to redefined individual and team roles and expectations.

• Allowing your staff to participate in decisions and actions affecting their jobs. It is important to know how your staff feels and that they are heard.

You can start implementing them today.

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