Amazon Clinic's Expansion

Amazon Clinic’s Expansion: Future Partnerships & Healthcare Vision Unveiled

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Amazons telehealth venture Amazon Clinic could soon make deals with physical providers to provide care that the services on their own platform can’t supply, a top executive at Amazon said in Octobers HLTH conference

About Amazon Clinic: In November 2022, Amazon unveiled Amazon Clinic, a direct-to-consumer (DTC) telehealth service designed to serve millions of Americans nationwide. As an extension of Amazon Pharmacy, Clinic offers users 24/7 access to qualified telehealth providers who are able to devise treatment plans and renew prescriptions for over 20 common health conditions.

“There are some aspects of care that are better done in person. You’re going to see us start to partner and figure out how we make sure that transition is clear. Because even if you come to us and we’re not able to treat you, we want to make sure you have an easy glide path to people that can,” said Nworah Ayogu, general manager and chief medical officer of Amazon Clinic, during a panel at the Las Vegas event.

Ayogu emphasized the importance of customer feedback for expanding services within their marketplace model, stating “it’s important to work with others” to support customers through their care journey.

Amazon Clinic acknowledges the limitations of virtual care, stating they won’t offer services for areas such as cancer care or hospice.

Plans for future partnerships remain undisclosed, but there’s a focus on supporting customers’ care journeys through collaboration.

Speculations arise about Amazon referring care to One Medical(LINK), acquired by Amazon, along with an emphasis on boosting Amazon Pharmacy.

Despite setbacks such as the closure of Amazon Care and other healthcare ventures, Amazon remains extremely committed to its healthcare priorities.

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