Pain Management

Take the Pain out of Pain Management Billing


Pain Management

The healthcare and billing industry have evolved enough times that it is hard to keep up with the constantly changing regulatory measures. The many nuances of Pain Management billing cannot be simply handled, but requires a team of experts.  From fee schedule updates to battling with different level appeal processes and recovering revenue in your practice, our expertise in Pain Management can help you handle many of the complex processes that make your specialty unique, without having to figure it all out yourself. 

Pain Management billing has many 'pain areas'. So many questions, but we have the solutions

  • When is authorization required?
  • How do you submit a compliant Request for Authorization. What if the authorization is denied?
  • Constructing proper documentation and Second Review/IBR Appeals: Workers' comp TPAs and insurers increase their revenue by underpaying MDs, but recourse is available.
  • Who are silent PPOs and how does this affect reimbursement?
  • Your workflow from front desk to backend aren't integrating your billing department causing a huge disconnect that affects revenue!
  • Higher turnaround time for reimbursement due to indirect clearinghouse routing of claims or not having the correct tools available to you?
  • Coding is too complex and MDs cannot figure out what to code, resulting in late submission of claims?
  • Don't know where you are with your practice billing benchmarks?

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At Work

  • Billed 90 million in 2019
  • Increase in collections up to 94%
  • Reduction in days in AR to <32 days
  • Error Ratio of <1%
  • TAT for processing a claim in <48 hours
  • Reduce 'No Response' claims to <5%
  • TAT for payment 35 days

13 +

Years Helping clients succeed

20 +


120M +

Combined Client Revenue

99 %

Client Retention


What clients say


Billed Right has depth that similar service organizations do not. There is not a one or two-person team that handles everything. It is an organization that as a team understands our account. We have senior leadership, on the ground leadership and day to day team members that know our account. That is not easy to replace and certainly, at our size, not something we could bring internally without a significant commitment to infrastructure. While we cannot speak to how they may align with a specific set of needs…they are a professional organization with solid tools. Ultimately you will choose an outside billing partner for the simple reason of increasing collections. This will happen with Billed Right…but to us…as much as increasing our cash flow is their team of professionals. I like them, respect the contribution they make to our company and openly offer my personal recommendation.

-CEO, Pain Management, CA

""Billed Right has been our billing partner for a little more than a year. In that time they have demonstrated a tenacity for process improvement, and an eagerness to work together to solve problems. We have worked closely with the team in Florida, as well as visited the team in India. In each of these interactions, it is clear that they are genuinely invested in achieving great results for their clients. Our account manager is diligent and organized. She always makes time for our needs and puts in the extra effort. We believe in our partnership with Billed Right and look forward to continuing to work together"

- Operations Manager, Pain Management, CA

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