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Cardiology billing and coding can be complicated for several reasons. This specialty experiences frequent revisions of key procedure rules, complex contractual adjustments, and codes, and the proper use of modifiers requires attention. However, we understand the challenges of this specialty and with many satisfied clients, we have specialized in providing accurate cardiology billing services by staying up to date with new, deleted and revised codes, suggesting current documentation standards, as well as providing our clients with relevant and appropriate recommendations to bill to the highest degree of specificity. Have questions? Ask us how we can help improve your cardiology practice.



  • Verify all patient's eligibility 2 days prior to service, greatly reducing the number of denials.
  • Claim scrubbing based on insurance guidelines. Level I and II rejections are worked and submitted within 24 hours.
  • Team of Certified Medical Auditors and Coders ensure accurate capture of patient medical diagnoses and procedures performed.
  • We work with all major EMR/EHR software.
  • Remote login for easy access.
  • Quick and smooth transition.
  • No negative impact on your daily operation.

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