Our Strength

Since 2006, our 30+ years of expertise in the field combined, with our ability to adapt to changes, has led us to provide proven RCM solutions to our clients. We have solidified our leadership and operational management infrastructure to provide our clients with trusted advisors not just billers.


Our Strategy

To offer a solution that adds value, rather than sells a service. Each practice is unique and being a strategic partnership enables us to use personalized and proven strategies that work and our clients have seen our difference.


Our Commitment

Our commitment to quality sets us apart as we strictly adhere to the highest quality standard measures for RCM operations. Our India Operations office is ISO 9001:2015 certified as an assurance of our commitment to our clients.


We Are Not Defined By Common Standards

In 2006, my business partner and I had a vision of creating holistic services that can help improve medical billing operations. We started by listening to doctors and building our service model around what doctors need the most. As a result, our Revenue Cycle Management (RCM) model was born. We have kept our focus on solving the problem, rather than selling a product, and hence, our advanced RCM model revolves around personalized service in today's corporate world, while still cutting costs and improving both patient care and practice revenue. No matter what challenges you face, we never waver from our goal to be your partner in strategy to nourish your practice growth. Since 2006, we have been thriving on our clients’ loyalty and referrals and deliver service to provide value, before receiving anything. We strive to never lose focus on what matters most to you; outstanding patient care.

Billed Right Leadership - Saurin Patel

Reasons to choose us


Transparency & Accountability

When you have a team that is highly accountable and held to high expectations in accomplishing our client's goals, it is then natural for them to be transparent! We believe in being transparent in all our work, expectations, and communication and this has empowered our drive to be the most accountable team you can rely on.


Operational Maturity

Formulation of a Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) is paramount to maintaining efficiency and consistency across all billing departments through documentation. Process efficiencies, and therefore profitability become a given when there is a clear roadmap to troubleshoot inconsistencies.


Client Education

We share information with our clients on regulatory and compliance issues, specialty billing & coding practices, industry trends, and more.


Need More Reasons?

We have many more. Click here for a complete list of why choosing Billed Right is your best decision.

Medical Billing Company
What We Do

We provide RCM Solutions to leverage our client's reimbursement capabilities

Since 2006, we have leveraged our expert medical billing and workflow knowledge to help find solutions to everyday billing issues. We don't just offer you a service, but a solution. This is why our RCM solution is tailored based on your practice needs and expectations are always met.


What clients say

Excellent all around and super impressed with every staff member and every process! 

Psychiatry Group, Ohio.

"I have been very happy with Billed Right and have seen a significant increase in collections since switching to them 8 months ago. They are professional, efficient, and respond to all my questions and concerns thoroughly and promptly. I highly recommend them and have referred them to my colleagues."

Internal Medicine Provider, Altamonte Springs, Florida

“As a practice entering commercial insurance for the first time, we briefly tried to manage our own billing before realizing that we really needed to bring in a professional.  After interviewing several companies, we selected Billed Right who was committed to understanding our business model and become a true partner in our success.  Over the past 18 months we have seen significant organizational growth and Billed Right has partnered with us to help facilitate that growth as they remain a key asset to our organization.“ 

Behavioral Health Provide, Connecticut

Account Managers are always readily available to help me. I appreciate their efforts daily! Our AM is a true gem and gift to any client account she manages. Her knowledge and suggestions aid me and my clinic in many ways. I would never have been able to execute a few items without her help. I was not in my current role before they chose to use Billed Right, however, I do see reports that show substantial increases in Revenue for my company. I appreciate the transparency of reporting, coding, and claims with the team and within the system. I would highly recommend Billed Right to others. In fact, at the most recent Meditab conference, Billed Right’s contact information was given freely with praise to several small business owners in need of financial assistance.

Practice Administrator of Urgent Care, TN

Billed Right has depth that similar service organizations do not. There is not a one or two-person team that handles everything. It is an organization that as a team understands our account. We have senior leadership, on the ground leadership and day to day team members that know our account. That is not easy to replace and certainly, at our size, not something we could bring internally without a significant commitment to infrastructure. While we cannot speak to how they may align with a specific set of needs…they are a professional organization with solid tools. Ultimately you will choose an outside billing partner for the simple reason of increasing collections. This will happen with Billed Right…but to us…as much as increasing our cash flow is their team of professionals. I like them, respect the contribution they make to our company and openly offer my personal recommendation.

CEO, Pain Management, CA

I have been associated with Billed Right for the past two years since I started my practice. Billed Right have been incredibly helpful in assisting my practice with initial credentialing, providing prompt responses to all my requests and excellent service to address my concerns. I am very satisfied with their timely insurance billing, collections, low AR, and patient accounts management. My Account Manager meets with me regularly to review and discuss management reports and address my questions in a professional and promptly manner. I am very satisfied and could not ask for better service. For these reasons I highly recommend Billed Right to anyone looking for a reliable practice management service.

Psychiatry Provider, FL

Billed Right is very knowledgeable in every aspect of business. When our Dr. First acquired the practice, it was a huge mess because one provider was leaving, and one was coming in but Billed Right stuck in there with patience and loyalty. Account Managers are top notch when it comes to every aspect of the business and make sure that you are comfortable in what they teach you. Staff members are very competent and have patience of saints to put up with credentialing and enrollment processes. Staff are polite and know what they are doing and go out of their way to help in every situation. I want to thank each one of the teams. Patient call rep is awesome and is also top notch in the field.

Nephrology Office Manager, FL

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Meet our Team

Billed Right Leadership - Saurin Patel CEO
Saurin Patel
Co-Founder and CEO
Billed Right Leadership - Dave Patel CIO
Dave Patel
Co-Founder and CTO
Billed Right Leadership - Maryan Hennen COO
Maryan Hennen
Billed Right Leadership - Kalyan
Kalyan Anant
COO India