In 2006, my business partner and I developed a vision of increased services to improve medical billing operations. We started by listening to doctors and building the tools they needed most. As a result, our Revenue Cycle Management model was born. Our advanced RCM model revolves around personalized service in today's corporate world while still cutting costs and increasing both patient care and practice revenue. No matter what challenges our clients faced, we never wavered from our goal to be their partner in strategy, sustaining and nourishing growth. We strive never to lose focus of what matters most to our clients; outstanding patient care.

Our business expansion model is based 100% on personalized service and helping our clients collect what they deserve, and it is working. Join us as we revolutionize the landscape of medical billing and leave our providers to do what they do best.

CompuTech City Timeline

  • First Medical Billing Client

  • Added Medical Director for Coding Department

  • Became Certified Billers for Meditab IMS

  • Concept of Revenue Cycle Management was born to enhance the medical billing experience

  • Introduced Ticketing System for all client billing queries and improved SLA

  • Completion of Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) for all clients and billing departments

  • Coders became ICD-10 Certified

  • Created Key Performance Indicators (KPI) for our clients

  • Reached our 140+ satisfied clients

  • Added Certified Medical Auditors to our coding department for internal audits

    Moving to the new headquarters



Becoming a strategic partner for all of your Revenue Cycle Management needs.


To build our reputation around providing the best Revenue Cycle Management services that are achieved by strictly adhering to our CORE values, which we strive to maintain and improve.

Providing best in class customer service and highest return on investment.

Retaining the loyalty of our clients by providing excellent service.

Earning dependability and taking accountability on all services provided.

Continuing to advance in our knowledgebase and experience.

Maintaining a direct and open line of communication between you and the team assigned to your practice.

Fostering an environment that encourages teamwork and success of our clients businesses.


We Have built our work process, company culture and future goals on continuous excellence and we take pride in what we deliver to our clients every day. Pride in our company is: