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Do you provide service only in Florida ?
We have clients all over the US

How long have you been in business?
We have been in business since 2006

What is the all-inclusive services offered?
All services needed to manage your revenue cycle, from verification, to point of payments.

Can you have full access and complete visibility to all your data?
We log on to your system and provide you visibility into all of our work

How soon are claims submitted (# of days)
Our SLA on claims is within 24 hours

What is the percentage of your claim accuracy

What percent of claims are paid upon first submission?

What makes Billed Right ‘unique’ amongst the rest in the market
We provide a personalized service that meets your needs. Others in the market only provide you features of a software not actual services.

How many employees are assigned to each Provider
We assign teams to avoid any downtime. Each team has 8-20 members.

How many year of billing experience do they have
25 years of billing experience

Do you have a compliance plan in place for HIPPA and Security protocols?

Are you ICD10 compliant and ready
Our coders are certified ICD10 coders and our account managers are ICD10 certified educational trainers.

What is the daily work time/down time
We work 20/24 hours a day as our team has both day and night shifts, we work 5 days a week. No downtime!

Do we have to go with your software?
We offer it at no cost to you but we have experts in other softwares and can log on to yours.

What are your specialties?
Internal medicine, family medicine, cardiology, gastroenterology, nephrology, vascular studies, physical therapy, chiropractic, general surgery, dermatology, walk-in clinics, mobile clinics, psychiatry, psychology, and many more.