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Single Provider Family Medicine Practice

Customer Request

The client is an established family medicine practice with a large patient volume. Client contacted Billed Right after in house biller neglected to perform his duties in sending claims and maximizing on payments. Biller also had minimal communication with client and did not provide transparency into her account. Client was left with a large Accounts Receivable, un-dispatched claims and a large patient responsibility bracket, also uncollected.

Billed Right’s Rescue plan

Our team analyzed client’s numbers and data and assigned her to the proper clearing house within 10 days. A lot of work was done on account receivable to avoid reaching timely filing limits on the un-dispatched claims. Denied claims were appealed and paid. Statements were dispatched to patients and a patient call coordinator contacted patients to arrange payment plans. Client’s collectable % increased from 70% to 97% in the first quarter of our service. Billed Right also resolved the communication gap by assigning client a dedicated account manager for weekly meetings to answer any questions and concerns. Communication, top notch support and maximizing on total collectable amounts left this client very satisfied.

What client says about Billed Right?

"My provider services is Billed Right for medical billing, whom I hired recently to manage my entire billing process. It’s been a 'blessing' since then as my revenue has increased compared to before, not to forget the transparency and communication I have with the team and account managers in different departments. I recommend them for any provider who is switching or looking for a Revenue cycle management company".